Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Kiwi is a full sister to Ruckus. Both of them are daughters of Hilstead Doty and Salt Valley Lil' Britches. Fulll of energy and intelligence and a great personality Kiwi is a great addition to our breeding program. Kiwi is 11" at the shoulders and built like a tank. Kiwi love to be in people company and stays close when we go out hiking or on road trips. All my dogs live inside the house with me and Kiwi's favorite spot to sleep is on the pillow next to my head.


Ruckus and her sister are our up and coming stars. Ruckus has had her first litter and is a wonderful mom. She is registered with the JRTCA as are all my females.
Ruckus lives up to her name and loves to chase and play all day. She is alert and intelligent with a great future ahead. Ruckus is 13.5" and a daughter of Hilstead Doty and Salt Valley Lil' Britches.

Friday, April 20, 2007


HILLSTEAD DOTY is our primary breeding female. She is pictured on the right and her father BROCKWOOD BADGER is on the left.
Doty has produced very nice puppies in her first few litters. I bred her to SALT VALLEY BRITCHES for her first litter and have kept two of those puppies to breed after January of 2008. I breed one litter every other year.
Doty is a very good mother and loves to play with her puppies as they grow. She gets a full 8 weeks to teach them some of the things she knows. Doty enjoys going to dog shows and has placed in conformation at JRTCA shows,Go-to-ground, racing and lure course. She loves go-to-ground and goes crazy over Course-a-lure. If you are interested in puppies please send me an email to